no apologies

In The Times on Saturday, Simon Barnes was writing about being a nerd, and/or being a geek.  Not just about being a geek about birds, but the whole of wildlife. 

I cannot quote from it directly as the copy is at the bottom of the recycling bin (natch) and nor can I see it on the web because the online content of The Times now has a paywall or somesuch thing.  There was only one disagreement I have with the piece (I occasionally disagree with Mr Barnes, but not to his face, normally just tutting into my coffee on a Saturday lunchtime) and that was that people (including himself if I remember correctly) are apologising for being a nerd/geek.  Apologise?  I don’t think so sonny Jim! I take pride in my nerding abilities, and am quite happy to let rip to the general public with explanations of how the names of gulls are often inappropriate, and then if they haven’t fallen asleep bring in the latin names too – just because they said that that a gull looked funny!   Ridibundus?  Nonsense!    

Apologise?  No, Mr Barnes.  I’m with Packham.  No apologies.  Revel in your geekiness.  Embrace it.


3 thoughts on “no apologies

  1. From your previous entry:-

    “I still have the yellow sticker on the case of my bins, ”

    TOP Nurd credential there Thing !

    Well done, stick at it – us bird nerds shud stick together ;-)

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