norfolk’n list

I’ve put up a kind of interim list in the link on the left for those that are interested and for my own reference.  Interim in that there are 18 or so species that need to be checked out as to whether or not I have seen them in the county, from memory they generally do fit in but I need to check it out; sometime before christmas.  Some warblers for example. Some grebes for another.

 There are admittedly some glaring omissions from a list of birds that have been seen in Norfolk by a birder – Stone Curlew for example.  Never seen one.  Anywhere.  Ever.  But have never tried, which is perhaps more to the point.  Anyhow, the list may approach 200 soon, and with a little application over the following months will pop over the 200 mark. Which will be nice for me, and largely insignificant elsewhere.


2 thoughts on “norfolk’n list

  1. As one of your cherished Wandle coots, I would like to thank you for bringing us a few moments in the limelight. We all wish you well in your new enterprise, and can assure you that until some new god comes along we will get on with our little lives and pass on our experiences with you from Big Coot to baby coot through the generations.

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