the mountains of norfolk

I hear a collective ‘pardon?‘ But you heard me right – this post is about the mountains of Norfolk because when I was there recently I was at the top of one of the Mountains of Norfolk. 

It is now official, despite the people that would have you believe that Norfolk is flat, the recent Tour of Britain bike race managed the continue the King Of the Mountains section by finding three (yes, three) ‘mountains’ in the county.  One of which was conveniently near my house, but I hadn’t noticed it before.  Nor at any point in the last 20 odd years did I think that I wouldn’t go down that road because of the ruddy great mountain in the middle of it.  But the tour had a mountain stage there, so mountain it is – which makes Gas Hill look a little flat now I’ll bet.

That’s Bradley ‘not as good as Cav’ Wiggins that is.  Five minutes later I was back home.

Having climed down the other side of the mountain of course.

I’ll do some birding soon, don’t worry.


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