med fest

This winter, if you want to see lots of Med Gulls, there is only one place to go. 

Great Yarmouth.

Way.  It came as a little bit of a surprise to me too.  But the simple fact is that the area between the two Piers is officially a hotspot for Med Gulls, and it’s not a secret either.  And by hotspot I don’t mean that there are a couple of them knocking about regularly but there are 30+ Med Gulls flying about and doing the things and occupying the space that is normally taken by Black-headed Gulls and the numbers will rise as the winter progresses.  Nice. 

They are bloody everywhere.   There are a fair few ringed ones amongst them, with many different colours which means they’ve come from all over the show (red, green and white at the last visit).  I’ve yet to go through the numbers of the ones that I recorded but if it’s the kind of thing that rocks your  boat, then this site will do it for you too.

Now I could choose this area to be part of my imminent patch, but just to be bloody minded (and so that I don’t just follow Meds all the time) I’ve purposely drawn a line in the sand (no pun intended) someway south of this marvellous hot spot.  Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m counting them weekly.  Because I can, and because they are Med Gulls and because they are cracking.  So good that they deserve a picture.


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