a little patch action

It’s got to the point that I am relying on the e-mail posting scenario – if you see this then it has worked. If you cannot see this, then I am typing into the ether for little purpose. Not that there is great purpose behind this whole shebang, but you get the idea.

A brief visit to the patch over the weekend was bereft of passerines. Although on the previous visit I had been swamped by Pipits and pleased with Buntings in the dunes and Wheatears on the fences and beach, when last there were none at all. I had half hoped that the area could have been good for a wintering flock of pipits, and would have been happy to have the company but it seems that they were passing, on passage, and they have now gone to wherever they go leaving me with nothing. Other than that it was pretty mundane fair bird wise, but I did see some distant Gannets so that little gap in the patch list is filled.


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