tomato, tomato

It’s occured to me of late that there are differences in the pronunciation of the name of a small duck amongst birders. Well I say birders, it might just be me.

Pochard. How do you say it? I’ve noticed recently in places like London and Norfolk and on the tellybox (most recently at Whitlingham the other day when a young chap was talking about a Red Crested Pochard) that most people say Poch-aard, whereas I have always gone for Poch-ud. Poch-aard? Doesn’t sound right to me, but maybe I’m in the wrong. Either way, if it turns out that I’m saying it differently to everyone else it’s going to be difficult to start pronouncing a word differently after 30-odd years of saying it a certain way. Poch-ud.

Especially if I know I’m right…


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