in association with Leica…

That Ray Mears was on the telly last week, and he was in Norfolk too. I like what Ray Mears does, and as ‘jobs’ go, reckon that his is a bit good. Take out all the telly, and I reckon it would be immense.

However, although this particular episode was a good bit of telly and all that (even though regrettably he didn’t show us how to create a fire with Marram Grass and drift-plastic) I was a little disappointed in Mr Mears choice of optics. I would have thought (or perhaps I would have preferred) that he would have had some truly knackered pre-war german porro-prism superbness that had been gifted to him by some obscure tribal chieftan after Ray (I’m on first name terms obviously) taught them how to make fire on a handmade boat from something that they couldn’t make fire from before and thus saved all their children from certain death and was then adopted by the tribe that all wore binoculars that Livingstone had given them in ceremonial dress, but no. He proved that he can survive in the 21st century and that he probably knows how not to look a gift horse in the mouth because he was loaded up with Leica. Full on mega-vids or whatever they are these days and a proper new scope and stay-on-case and tripod. Maybe he bought them, but maybe they gave them to him. Bastards.

As I say, I am dissapointed – but only by my own expectations of Mr Mears based on his telly-visual prescence. However, if Leica decide to go into blog sponsorship then count me in – "Norfolk’n Birds in association with Leica". Got a certain ring to it, no?


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