ticking over nicely

Geddit? Ticking over? Ticking? Ticks? Oh whatever.

Sparrowhawk yesterday – small fast moving male. Still no Wren though.

This morning I was a little spoilt by seeing a Peregrine and a Black Redstart within 2 minutes of each other. I’m probably not allowed to speak about Black Redstarts at all in the summer for obvious reasons, so I might just stop talking about them now to be sure. Suffice to say, that as patch regulars go – get on down!


One thought on “ticking over nicely

  1. Just came across this blog, I’m looking forward to following it (from afar). I had a vague, feeble and short-lived attempt at patching South Denes back in the spring of 2006 (i think). Ran out of steam more due to the commute (driving up from norwich) than lack of birds. Vizmig was really good on mornings with westerlies, eg double figures of tree sparrow, crossbill, migrating parids, plus decent falls of wheatear (50 plus on one morning), blackreds etc. The bushes were also surprisingly productive, especially that small clump just inland of the road along the “long wall”. Had firecrest, gropper, multiple lesserthroats etc in there. Flyover spoonbill, quite a few raptors, it really is a great patch! Just got to get there early as hell before the dogwalkers ruin everything. Good luck!

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