like candy from a baby

At lunchtime, I went seawatching.

Just read that again.  At lunchtime. I. Went. Seawatching.  In my short break from gainful employ, I am able to spend a signifcant amount of time standing by the sea watching birds.  What a drag.

And in this short period of time, I was able to notch up another four patch ticks and this is reflected in the updated list.   That was the candy/baby reference by the way.  I even saw what could be considered a common species when 4 Mallard popped over.  With ticks new birds being picked up at this rate, and the encouraging comment from Mr Gilroy, this patch is showing a hell of a lot of promise.

But it’s not all about getting a big list kids, it’s about the whole.  Probably the most interesting thing today was the waves of Cormorants coming off the sea, occasionally in rag-tag groups, some in lines and some in V shaped skeins.  All of them advancing in front of a heavy hail shower that too was coming off the sea.  They all seemed to be flying to the same area.  Probably Breydon for a bit of shelter.

Tomorrow the onshore winds are stronger and the precipitation lighter.

What a drag.

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