snow bother


Although the hysteria in the press would have you believe that Norfolk is under ten feet of snow, the east of the county is actually getting off pretty lightly.  Yes, there has been snow but nothing significant for a few days.  What we have had over here is wind.  And when the weather dudes have said that it is coming straight in from a frozen continent, they are absolutely correct.  Wednesday was very windy and very cold. Long-john penetrating, bone chilling wind chill and then some. Obviously the sensible thing to do at lunchtime would be to go and find a radiator and drape yourself over it like a binge-drinker hugs a toilet at way past the fourteenth pint.  Hoping that the cold in your marrow would slowly heat up.  That’s why I went sea-watching instead.  Hurrah!

And what a good decision that was.  Although only reliant on bins, there was plenty being driven to the shore to not have to regret not having a the German to hand.  The notebook goes a little something like this…

            5 Divers

            7 Redshank + 1

            4 Shelduck + 1 + 7 + 2

            2 Long-tailed Duck + 24 + c20 + c20 + 10

            2 Teal

            2 Brent Goose

            1 Red-throated Diver (juv)

            Cormorant 20+

            Med Gull

            Herring, Common and juv GBB

The Teal and Shelduck were patch ticks (list updated).  The Teal and Diver were on the sea and close in, but the best has to be all those Long-tailed Ducks.  5 groups and all within 50m and the 24 group nearly overhead.  Top drawer winter birding. 

Regrettably the wind wasn’t harsh enough to bring anything close to that yesterday, but did produce a Common Scoter, Oystercatcher and a hint of a Rock Pipit.

Talking of Scoters, which unusually for me I was, on Tuesday there were six Velvets taking cover at the south end of the beach for a time.  And while watching them 18 Whooper Swans flew overhead, flying inland with that cracking wind behind them.

This is my new patch.  It’s turning out alright.

Apropos nothing at all, here is a picture of a duck.


2 thoughts on “snow bother

  1. Hey thing

    the LTD sightings are amazing – that’s an unprecedented number out here. One is a good number on an east coast seawatch and two or three in a year is good going! At least they are usually close in though.

    Up our way saw nearly 600 Gannet, well over 300 Shelduck, over 50 Pochard, over 250 Knot, Dunlin 100+, 90 Barwits and 80 or so Redshank (many more on the following day. Hopefully this will keep up…

    Good to see you having a cracking time here, it’s a wonderful place!

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