something to aim for

It is the current vogue amongst bird bloggers to talk about the huge flocks of Waxwings that you have seen and then post pictures of cracking looking and confinding visitors.  Naturally, if you are the only birder in the whole of christendom that hasn’t seen a Waxwing this winter, you will talk about something else.  That’ll be me then.  Here goes…

BirdTrack is a truly wonderful idea.  Not only can you use it as a tool for keeping your own records, you also know that your records are being forwarded to the county recorder.  One of the other functions that it has is the production of lists for a particular location.  I’ll stick my patch in I thought, and the result (with surrounding tetrads added) was very interesting.  Over the last few years there have been 91 species recorded in the area (which I don’t think includes Breydon) even the cryptic ‘unidentified Diver’.   I think that was one of my entries from last week though.  Add to this a few other species that had been noted in a comment on this here blog “firecrest, gropper, multiple lesserthroats etc in there. Flyover spoonbill, quite a few raptors” and we might as well round the figure up to a nice round hundred.  And that’s what I have to aim for – a lovely little ton on the patch list.  Stay tuned to find out how it progresses, which will be pitifully slow until March to be honest.

I think that I’ve uploaded a pdf of the list here… the list but have no idea if it will work or not.  If it does work then there is plenty in there to get excited about and I’m not even half way there.  Top hole, what?!

The picture which should appear somewhere in this post is of Surlingham Church Marsh and is all topical and everything.

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