the lister demon

This will more than likely be the last patch related post of the year and henceforthly perhaps the last blog action of the year.  There is a reasonable chance that I will take Mrs Thing to see the Snow Buntings at Salthouse in the next week and a bit so I might feel inclined to witter on about that.  As these buntings are continually fed seeds and stuff by generous photographers it’s not exactly exclusive and I might not bother.  Writing that is, not going.

It is not uncommon for a patch-birding-blogger to go in for a bit of retrospection at this time of year and summarise at ones leisure the highs and lows of the birding year and to let the blogosphere know how shite/brilliant ones patch is with much flowery verbiage to help fill out those long winter hours.  For me, taking into account the fact that the patch has only being going  properly for little over a month, it’s winter and also the small matter of being  heavily bunged up with cold and work means that I really, really,  can’t be arsed.  So I won’t.

But I will tell you this. 

There is a small issue going on the deeper recesses of my little brain which is causing me mild consternation.  A dilemma that keeps creeping up on me.  It’s about a list.  A new list.  Another list.  I’ve found that the lister demon has been sitting on my shoulder and whispering sweet nothings into my ear about how I could start another list up.  It’s just for fun he says, nobody need know – really.  But so far I have resisted.   Just. 

I am a lister (not as you might understand the character of Lister from Vic Reeves Big Night Out).  You may well be a lister too.  Most of my lists are not necessarily very big lists but they are my lists and I like them.  Some of you might remember, or have sagely chosen to forget, that in a previous incarnation I had a loo list, which was very small but I found it very amusing.  Recently, while washing my hands in a loo that I visit regularly, I  saw a Med Gull being harried by a Herring Gull.  It was then that the list-demon dropped onto my shoulder in an imaginary puff of anti-bacterial-barrier-cleanser smelling smoke or something.  And there he struck with his superb idea of creating a loo list.   I am now trying to resist the lure and temptation of compiling another loo list, as there are plenty of lists going already.  But Med Gull?  On a loo list? says the demon – impressive isn’t it?  It’s tempting to run that list just to have that on there isn’t it, he added.   Not forgetting Lapwing.  Or Kestrel. And another 4 species of gull.  And a Pied Wagtail… 

Damn you lister demon . 

You wouldn’t let it lie…

The Lister Demon


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