new year resolution

Here is the obligatory happy new year blog post.  Full of nostalgia and optimism in equal measure if it is done properly.  Full up on nibbles wine and whisky or hungover on the same, this is the big retrospective on the year gone by and the outlining of the goals for the new year and perhaps even a resolve to change something or set an unattainable standard for the next twelve months. 

Being the contrary chap that I am,  I have no intention of doing most/any of that.  So much so that this will have been written well in advance to ensure that there is no urgent need to type something out cometh the hour, because single malt and keyboards rarely mix well.  That statement is based entirely on the supposition that the juxtaposition of my fingers and a keyboard produce something that is worth reading when I’m sober-ish of course.  But that is for others to judge. 

So the obligation.  A two part synopsis of the inevitable. 

a) the look back at 2010 – that’s been done and this ‘me not looking back’ has also been touched on.  It’s a blog, this.  By it’s nature, as a sytem of logging second rate musings it is by default a look back at the year in perpetuity.  So there is little value in going back over it.  If you want to read it, it’s all there in it’s webtastic ‘majesty’.  Hit links and things.  It’s easy, innit.

b) the look forward to 2011.  I am, however,  going to set one birding goal.  But nothing to strenuous don’t you know.  I met a chap in September who was chasing 200 in Norfolk for the year, and he’s probably gone well over that by now.  A lot of running about though isn’t it?  There are those that vow to see the most species in the world/country ever in a year.  Blimey, that really does seem like a lot of running about.  Don’t fancy much about that either. No, my goal is going to be much more sensible, completely achievable, 100% realistic and utterly patch based (of course).  My new years resolution is this…. 

I resolve to see as many birds as I see in my patch in 2011.

There.  Thats going to take some doing.  How on earth will I manage to do that?  Well, all I can suggest is that if you are interested in how my amazing journey unfolds in 2011 then stay tuned.  I will see birds, and I don’t know how many, and some of them I will not even be able to name! But when I do see them, I will have seen them and they will go on my list of birds that meet the criteria of my new years resolution.  This is going to be unmissable folks!  Stay tuned!

[If you wish to syndicate the forthcoming groundbreaking and exciting ‘adventures of a patch birder’ for your periodical periodical, please contact the webmaster.]

1 thought on “new year resolution

  1. Happy(or whatever) New Year!
    I hope you reach your goal of seeing a couple of birds this coming year. I intend to do the same, only not in Norfolk of course…that would be too far to walk…

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