off with a whimper

The patch year list began yesterday with all guns blazing, but only in my dreams unfortunately. 

The day started on the Acle Straight with the promise (on the radio and in the horizon) of a partial solar eclipse over the sea which would have made for great photo opportunism.  So good in fact that if the photos came out then I would have changed the blog design (again) just to be able to have an envy inducing banner picture on the front page.  A totally, like, awesome rad pic, yeah?

Cometh the hour, cometh the cloud.  No sun, no eclipse, no photo.  Arse.

No problem, doesn’t really matter,  I’ll get out at lunchtime and start racking up those patch ticks for the year.  Hurrah!                     All seven of them.               Yes, that’s right the patch list for 2011 currently sits at a massive se7en species.  This does include Sanderling and Med Gull, which isn’t bad but the grand total of 7 really is rubbish by any standards.  Who knows – maybe today I’ll hit double figures!

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