quality rare gull photos right here!

If  you have been perusing the interweb regarding the Slaty-backed Gull today, you will see that although over a thousand people did not see the bird in Rainham, a couple of Belgians and a Norfolk Birder reportedly DID see the bird. 

I can confirm that I am a Norfolk birder and I did see a rare gull today when other birders didn’t and here it is in all it’s Larid glory – lap it up kids…

Iceland Gull doing Lowestoft


Brilliant eh?  That’s right, Iceland Gull, connection, result.
If I was so inclined, Mrs Thing and I could have chuffed on down the A11 at stupid-o-clock heading for Rainham to go and join the throng  literally staring at a rubbish tip – waiting for a bird to show up, but I’m so thankful that I don’t get overly exited about these things- just very interested.  The official count on site was 1200 and it sounds like hell (and I pity the regular RSPB members that came for a nice-day-out looking at ducks) .  I’m probably being quite annoying by saying that I found it highly amusing that the bird wasn’t seen today but doubt if anyone that went or cares will actually connect with this post.  I was ‘working from home’ yesterday and was able to watch the whole thing unfold online during the course of the day, and noted many of the big listers that seemingly don’t have a day job getting in on the action, and the frustrated mass that have to hope that birds stay until the weekend piling into Essex today.  It’s fairly likely to hang around, but unlikely to be a properly twitchable bird, so there will be a fair few vexed twitcherers revisiting Rainham over the next few weeks methinks, and a host of claims of the bird popping up here and there.  Hey – how far is Yarmouth from Rainham as the Gull flies?  Now, I wonder….
Did I mention a rare gull?  Alright, it was ‘only’ an Iceland but there is still plenty of interest in it and actually the bird was brilliant, and showed for a short while.  Obviously when seeing/watching a little cracker like this the bins rule, and the camera only came out when it settled hence the incredible quality image that you see above. Note the missing primary, the lovely white wing tips and the largely dark bill – absolutely cracking bird.  You don’t see the detail?  Ho hum.
Just to show that every photo I take is not completely shite, here is a snippet of a sky full of geese, like today and everything yeah?

Geese doing Pink Feet

Yes, it is Saturday night and I am doing this.  Don’t worry – I’m not completely sad.  Once this is done I’m off to clean my bins.  Cracking.


One thought on “quality rare gull photos right here!

  1. Good man. Gulls are stupid.

    Today I passed up the opportunity to drive 20 minutes down the road and spend two hours trying to park, and dipped some Waxwings 10 minutes walk away instead. Far more efficient, and environmentally friendly to boot.

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