listers anonymous?

This may sound a bit crazed, and to the outsider it is.  However, the Lister Demon reared his head again tonight.  I assure you dear reader, that this is a true story.

As I was going out this evening, to take Mrs Thing to the local out of town local mega-grocer, she brought my attention to the fact that there were a fair few Pink-footed Geese flying over the house.  Good ear! Top stuff I thought, and I’m on the front step of the house, so I now have them on the Garden List.  Kerching!

“Non-kerching matey!!” said the Lister Demon – the Garden List is running from the BACK GARDEN you fool!  Since when have you been ticking birds in the front garden?  Eh? Did you stare at the early autumn sky looking for raptors in the FRONT garden? Did you? NO! Do you sift through Tit flocks in the FRONT garden looking for rarities?  No you don’t!!!  These birds ARE NOT on the garden list – but by the devil they could be, couldn’t they?  Couldn’t they?  Well? What are you waiting for?

These voices in my head thoughts toook a millisecond to process, followed by a barked message to Mrs Thing and all of a sudden I was tearing through the house to get into the back garden so that I could have these Geese on the real garden list.  Which I duly did, while a Tawny Owl sent mating calls out in the trees.  Which was pretty cool in itself. It was then that I realised that my actions were on the verge of being some kind of  lunatic obsessive person, and wondered what the hell I was doing.  And had no answer, or the inclination to probe deeper.  I have to admit it.  A part of me is controlled by my lists of birds.  Listers Anonymous anyone?

And I hadn’t taken my boots off either.  Nevermind, better go and get some eggs then.

3 thoughts on “listers anonymous?

  1. Pfft. Make it a whole-property list. I have. Chiffchaff, greatspot and hobby are only on mine because I saw or heard them from the front step. The chiffy and greatspot are only there because I heard them from the end of the road, swore loudly, turned back, got them from the front gate, and then went carried on to work. Both times, I missed the train.

    This is entirely rational and acceptable behaviour, don’t worry.

  2. Well I was just reading your latest ditty and realised when the said event occurred last night at approximately 6.45 o clock or thereabouts m’lod I was progressing Northwards towards the egg collecting vehicle and heard with my one very good ear, approximately 7 pink footed geese flying southwards and I (mrs thing) alerted you (mr thing) to this fact by saying ” quick pink footed geese flying in the dark again”…. because I hear them regularly.. whereas HE does not (pats myself on the back..).. and thought nothing of you disapearing muttering “..back garden, back garden, has to be back garden” probably dribbling, stuttering as well, as you do. AND I THOUGHT NOTHING OF IT. Not once did I think “erm .. strange” Not once did I think why is my husband running from the front garden to the back garden shouting. But I am now thinking WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT ME. I was, once upon a time a rational sort of a wife. So has the Lister demon got me too???????

  3. Hello! Geese brought me here (I raise Pilgrims) but it was your fun writing that kept me here for a good read. I never knew that geese flew at night! And by the way, I loved that shot of them flying in the dark. Hilarious! ~ Lynda at the Farmlet

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