pink patch tick!

And this time it lives!

Firstly, the preamble.  Before I get to the headlines I get to ramble on a bit about birds and stuff.  It’s how this works.  You should be used to it by now.

The Acle Straight is a regular feature of my life.  In fact, it is a part of my ‘commute’.  If you don’t know Norfolk, this will mean nothing to you but I am sure that a visit to an online map provider may elucidate why it is named thus.  If you know Norfolk, you will know what I am taking about.  If you live in Norfolk you may know that this is a double edged sword.  The traffic can be a ball-ache, but the scenery can be seriously pretty.  Sunrise in the middle of winter is pretty good.  My ‘commute’, as it is difficult to call it that these days, can run up the Acle Straight if I choose and it is currently the middle of winter.  It can look like this…

Geese doing straight

Those dots at the top of the (dodgy) picture are Pink-footed Geese. Neat, huh?  This morning there was a lot of them.  Several skeins of geese flying across the road as the sun came up.  Several hundreds of geese flying  in the sky when the sun came up all pinkey and purpley and orangey and bluey and lots of other coloureys.  This is part of the reason why it is difficult to use the word ‘commute’ which has connotations in my head of stress, congestion, fumes, buildings and shaaatin’.

Anyhow, while I was in the patch this evening doing ‘work’ I happened to be outside and happened to hear a familiar sound in the sky.  You’ve probably guessed what it was – Pink-feet!  All over the show – patchtastic!  Ticktastic! Bang-a-gong daddy-o!

I got out the camera and snapped away – but the results were not great.  I believe that it’s referred to as a record shot.

geese doing night flying

It was a bit dark.


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