accidental twitchering, sort of…

See, there were a fair few peeps at Buckenham Marshes yesterday, me included.  To see birds and what not, but unbenkownst to me and probably most of the grumpy folks on the marsh (why is it that the more expensive your gear, the more attitude you have?  Does it come with the free lenscloth on stupidly expensive optics?) there had been an alert on the twitchering pagers that the Lesser White-fronted Goose was back.  Ohhhhhh, yyyyyes.  Arguably the rarest escaped bird in the country that had spent a lot of time this winter in the Yare Valley marshes had returned from a week long exile and reappeared on the little beepy-lit-up-thingy, due to it being on Buckenham Marshes.  There was a twitcherer there that was keen to point it out to those that passed.

And here it is!

a goose doing debatable


Another high quality image methinks.  So there you have it.  A rare goose.

But lets scan back and have a look at his mates…

another goose doing 'oh dear'


Yep, that’s right – it is a Greylag Goose!  Which by default means that the LWFG (get me!) is not the wild bird at all! Why the hoo-ha?  Why the report?  Why the fuss?  The twitcherer seemed ever so keen for it to be the (THE) bird but for what reason I cannot fathom – the very fact that it’s cohorts are feral means that it is not wild and really he and the original reporter should really have known this.    There wasn’t a Bean Goose anywhere in the vicinity. 

It does conform to the old two bird theory.  It wasn’t until I read up on this situation beyond the provenance of the other bird, that I found out  that this bird (the newly reported rare, but not at all rare bird)  has been knocking about all winter with the Greylags and is considered by some to be a hybrid (with what I don’t know) so all the time that the supposedly rare bird has been knocking about there have actually been two birds, and I wonder how many people have seen this bird and taken it for the ‘real’ thing?

Anyway, the local Bean Geese may have recently left for the winter and perhaps taken their exotic Swedish friend with them ( if you don’t understand that geographical reference you will probably fall asleep by the time the explanation is finished) which does give the percieved wildness of the other bird a little boost, but enhances it’s overall dodgy provenance, sort of.  Regardless, as far as I’m concerned, neither bird is tickable.  But the whole exercise has been quite illuminating.

Ooh, it’s a veritable ornithological minefield.

1 thought on “accidental twitchering, sort of…

  1. When I was there at the beginning of Jan, the one that is pals with the Greylags (including a nice white one) came up on the pager so we of course ran to see it. When we got there we realised it wasn’t the “right” one, and were very sad. Then the “right” one came up back where we started so we ran back and saw it. Hooray.

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