how long is not long?

How long does a Great Crested Grebe wait between dives?

It’s an interesting question perhaps.  Although I haven’t actually timed it with a chronograph I can tell you from my own bitter experience that the time taken between dives is almost exactly the same amount of time that it takes a weatherbeaten birder to see a bird pop up from under the water, focus optics on said bird, present pre-set camera to optics and take picture of latest patch tick and then note that bird has resumed it’s underwater foray and there is nothing ornithological to take a picture of as it is swimming away in a random direction at up to 14 metres a second under the water. 

Or almost as long as it takes to read that sentence.

 The fact remains that there was Great Crested Grebe on the sea at the tail end of the week.  A wholly expected patch tick, and thankfully taken and will be added to the list page shortly.  Strangely, I had seen this species here previously, but it was before I had decided that it was my patch, and therefore had not begun the patch list so it wasn’t on the patch list.  No, I can’t see the sense in it either.

As for the last week in the patch, it has been much the same and reasonably tedious.  I have to remind myself that the tedium does involve Med Gulls, Peregrines and Snow Buntings, so it isn’t all bad.

Now, I would have loaded up a picture of the above detailed failure, but a picture of a splash over a grey sea would be quite dull. 

Here are some gulls instead.

gulls doing semi-obligatory post photo


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