answers to some questions…

Questions have been asked on this here blog and mainly by yours truly, but I am aware Dear reader, that definitive answers have not been forthcoming.  So for the sake of completion and to ensure that regular reader of this blog is not driven to the very edge of insanity with the lack of closure, here is closure.

The spider – it’s a lace weaver actually, and for those of a scientific bent it is from the Amaurobius family.  It isn’t at all rare, even on a beach.  Which is fairly typical.

The tracks on the beach were of a Seal. Pretty obvious really I suppose.  But then again, if I was trying to cover up the fact that I had dragged from the waters edge the recently deceased body of a dogwalker that lets his dog shite all over the dunes  then I would, obviously, present it to the world as a seal track as an ingenious double bluff.  Wouldn’t I? [insert evil-genious-mastermind-laugh here]

No, the Rock Pipit photos are hardly worth the bother but it was, nicely, a Norfolk tick which brings that particular list to 198. This fact is not reflected in the list accessed via the tab at the top of the page as it is not as up to date as it should be.  It will be eventually be made accurate though, especially when the list gets one or two closer to the double ton…

The patch year list is now at a stunning 28.

Finally, whilst the massed hordes of the twitcherers have been going bonkers for their last day of being able to see a funny looking dove in Chipping Norton, I have gained much satisfaction from seeing small birds in trees nearby my house that I hadn’t seen this year already.  Treecreeper, Brambling, Redpolls of the lesser variety.  That kind of thing.

Enough words, yes?

Picture, anyone?

West Runton doing sundown

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