bird on a wire

Quite liderally!

This morning brought another patch tick, perhaps even a patch mega in the shape of a Dunnock.  Some unfortunate male has wandered into the patch thinking it was looking good for breeding purposes and started singing.  Fine by me, I’m quite a fan of the Dunnock’s scratchy little song.

Lunchtime brought two Kestrels, no Cormorants some Starlings and some Linnets.  And gulls, obviously.

Here is a picture of a Kestrel.

kestrel doing perchin' an' a huntin'


Here is another picture of a Kestrel.

kestrel doing a flyin' an' a leavin'

The stuff in the front of the picture (which I believe is called the foreground in tech-speak) is marram grass.  I had to use my incredible field craft to creep up the beach after getting the correct light for the picture (pointlessly you might think) and hiding amongst the foilage so that the native wildlife was not disturbed.  In truth the bird had probably been watching me approach for 15 minutes or so, but thats the story behind the picture…

…and here is an even more rubbish picture of some Linnets.

On a wire.

Linnets doing perchin' too


I see them everyday, and no matter how hard I look they all resolutely refuse to look like Twite.

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