and it was called yellow

And here is the stunning photograph of the incredibly reasonably rare uncommon bird.  A small caveat on the quality of the image, or more properly the lack of quality therein.  There are two gulls in the picture, the gull in the background is a Herring Gull.  The foreground, the YLG. And it is asleep.  The photographic process has darkened the mantle somewhat, and no you cannot see the legs but thought against pissing about with the image. 

yellow legged gull doing sleeping

However,  before it started sleeping, I did see it’s legs and they are yellow.  So is it a dead pale LBB you ask?  I reckon no.  I’ve had a fair bit of recent experience with the ol’ YLG and have a fair handle on the mantle colour that I should be looking for and this one was good enough to stop me sharply when driving past.  I reckon it’s a good ‘un. 

And that bit about trying to connect with it later?  Folly.  I forget that my patch is mainly a beach, by a port, with a river, many chip-n-bap-vans and several hundred gulls knocking about a hugely large area.  The chances of me connecting with that bird at lunchtime were about the same as casually walking up to a Hoopoe when I fancy it.  Eejit.


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