yeah, they were all yellow

Of course Dear reader, when I said that it was folly to try and re-connect with a particular gull by the seaside, I forgot that during certain periods of the year they can exhibit a certain amount of site fidelity and it may not be that unlikely after all.  Look at that Slaty-backed Gull in Rainham, not going far is it?  Look at that Iceland Gull in Lowestoft, been there all winter and doesn’t seem to fancy a drift upwind for a mile or so to my patch, no.  Quite likes it where it is as it goes.  Look at that Med in Runton – been spending all winter on one concrete post for years now.  And that Med in Walcott.  Enough examples?  So it was without a large amount of surprise that I re-found the YLG again today, and pretty much in the same place as yesterday – sitting on the buildings inside the perimeter of the Power Station if you are so inclined to look for it.  And here it is again…

two gulls doing different to each other


So on the left we have the YLG and on the right the YLG’s ‘friend’, a Herring Gull.  These two seem to spend almost all of their time together and often side by side.  YLG can be intolerant of other Gulls but this one doesn’t seem bothered by it’s companion.  I’m not sure if it is too early for Gulls to start pairing up, but even if they do they could both be vagrants and on their way soon.  Should they stay, and they are a pair and they breed then all sorts of hybrid larid hell could be unleashed on the birders of Yarmouth.

Shortly after this photo was taken, they both moved to a roof and sat down.  For over half an hour they did very little indeed.  I have many blurry photos of  these birds doing nothing.  Great.

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