holy hawks!

 As seen by many people in the local press, a ledge has been put up on the spire of Norwich Cathedral to encourage some Peregrines to hang about, nest and breed.  The Hawk and Owl trust have been involved and I understand that there will be big tellies in the visitor centre and everything.  Bravo say I – plenty of fun to be had there over the summer.  So impressed was I that I stole a picture from the local press for your delectation.

peregrines doing norwich cathedral


Of course, the Cathedral being but a  couple of minutes from Chez Thing as the Peregrine soars,  my first thought was that there could be a garden tick on the way when they find the inhabitants of the local pigeon loft.  Kerching!

2 thoughts on “holy hawks!

  1. Having read this post I noticed I had a sudden thought. I live in quite a high area of Norwich, and after a quick check I can see the spire of Norwich Cathedral from my front garden (1.3 miles away according to Google Earth). I now have the dilemma of whether to look like a complete pillook and set my telescope up beside the road and wait for hours to get Peregrine on my garden list. And yes I do count front and back gardens!

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