poor mans dolphin

 The other day, I was wandering around my patch, like what I do and was ever so slightly surprised to see the dorsal fin of a cetacean breaking the water.  On more that one occasion.  I swore gently, as I wasn’t expecting this and nor had I seen this before anywhere ever not at all no way.  It turns out that it is not uncommon for this to happen along the coast here, but I didn’t learn this until well after the event.  During the event, I thought that there was a very small chance that it could have been incredibly significant so I tried to take a picture of the cetacean.  And here it is.

cetacean doing hide and seek


No, I can’t see it either.  However with the wonders of modern technology I have overlaid the original picture with a pointy fingure type of imagery to show where I thought it was.  I think it is called photoshopping.

a finger doing I reckon it was there

But what cetacean?  Well, my incredibly detailed field note leads me to believe that it is a Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena.  If it had been nominally a Dolphin, this would sound incredibly interesting, but a Porpoise doesn’t quite have the same ring about it does it?

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