norwich’n list

That doesn’t work does it?

Anyhow, the Lister Demon struck again Dear Reader, and I have given in to his evil listing temptations.  I had pondered the fact that I’ll soon be seeing the Peregrines at the Cathedral and that it would be a nice tick.  Yes it would, but a tick on which list exactly?  Not the Norfolk list as Peregrine already resides there.  Nor the year list, as I’ve seen them on the patch this year and manifestly not the patch list as it is 30 odd miles away.  So I cannot put the Peregrines on a list because there is no list to put them on! 


Unless of course I start another list!  BINGO!  If I cobble together a Norwich list, then I can add the Peregrines to that list.  So there we have it.  I have started a list so that I can add a bird to it that I haven’t seen yet.  My logic is quite simply stunning don’t you think?

To quantify – it’s quite simply a list of birds I have seen in Norwich.  For the purposes of this list, I have included only the birds seen or heard within the ring road.  So places like Whitlingham and Costessy Pits are out, but Dolphin Bridge and Mousehold are in.

There is a pagetabthingy up the top.  I’ll update it in time.  And yes, Pied Flycatcher and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker are not usual round here, but they were seen a long time ago…

Have a picture.  It was not taken in Norwich.

a skylark at runton not being a wheatear


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