random observations

There were half a dozen Waxwings on Riverside Road yesterday.  Might have been the only person to have noticed.  I was in a queue of traffic, looking for Peregrines.

The patch was consistently constant, and devoid of migrants last week.  An Eider, a Common Scoter.  Gulls.  Not much else.

Actually, if you ask me – everywhere is devoid of migrants up to now.

I though I saw a Treecreeper from the Garden this morning.  Not like that funny one in Suffolk.  It has shorter toes than normal evidently.  Honestly, I think birders make these things up.

Referring to a Ring Ouzel as a ‘Rouzel’ is annoying.

Quelea.  I always had it in my head that it was kway-lee-ah, but Attenborough pronounced it kwee-lee-ah on the tellybox last night.  If he says it is kwee-lee-ah then that’s what it is.

Have an iffy picture of some birds in mostly winter plumage.

plovers doing by the sea


I’m off into the garden to listen for Chiffchaff.

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