magic realist birding

On Sunday, the post what I put on here ended with an optimistic flourish along the lines that I was going to hear a Chiffchaff in the garden, and almost immediately.  Within minutes this did in fact, occur.  Brilliant – first migrant of the year  (and six days later than last year fact fans!).  So, dear reader, I am going to try the same trick again at the end of the post to see if it works again.  Not for a Chiffchaff, not in the garden.  For a patch bird, in the patch.

But what if it works again?  What if it turns out that flippant predictions at the end of a random post on my blog effects the space-time continuum and the ornithological predictions come true?  What would I do then?  Keep making predictions?  Haul in some right old rare birds to the patch on a daily basis?  Experiment with effects beyond the scope of the blog?  It could be the plot of some fanciful magic-realist bestselling novel.  Hell – I could syndicate the rights to HBO and have it made into a rubbish series stateside where a man with incredible  hair writes a blog that affects the real world and then has naff adventures that only last an hour (with adverts) with just enough time for a little sanctimonious preaching about how we all need to help each other more before the titles roll up at Mach 2.  Wow, it would be like getting tomorrow’s paper today!  How amazing would that be?

That’s been done hasn’t it.  Damnit.  I thought I was onto something there. 

Truth is that there hasn’t been much magic round here of late.  Nor was all that very realistic.  But I don’t know if I don’t try! So here goes….

I’m off into the patch to find a Wheatear.

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