what next then?

Allow me to recap.  On two recent posts I have finished with a particularly styled sentence in which I detailed the location and the species of bird that I hoped to see and then had this come true within 20 minutes (just scroll down if you have missed this soon to be televised adventure).  I have quite bizarrely claimed that this is due to the blog having magic properties, which we knew was nonsense before the second incident didn’t we dear reader?  Oh yea of little faith… 

So what do I do today? 

I don’t really have a choice do I?  I have to make another prediction.  I have to either put this entire episode into blogging history as a mildly amusing diversion as the prediction fails to materialise.  Or, have another prediction come true, stoking the fires of incredulity, and then say lots of very rude words on the interweb due to a certain lack of self control because the blog really is magic.

So for the third (and let’s be honest, probably the final) time, and without resort to a banker….

I’m off into the patch to see an Osprey.

2 thoughts on “what next then?

  1. I have been reading with interest………if this Osprey shows up I am going to need you back at Surlingham before long! What species would you recommend I wish for on Saturday? I’m thinking start common-ish and work up to mega?!

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