third time lucky?

Well, dear reader, you come here with bated breath.  Your heart rate rising at the possibility that you are a regular visitor to what might possibly be a blog with magic properties (posts passim for newcomers) the likes of which only exist in fiction.  How exciting is this all!


Osprey then.  Big bird, all brown and white and stuff.  Likes fish.  Can be seen in this area on it’s way from Africa to Scotland.  Being seen ‘oop’ north  already.  And in Scotland too.  Has to pass through the south to do that.  Big, white, brown.  Likes to perch on tall things. 

Hey presto and abracadabra!

I give you – Osprey!

You’re not buying it are you?

Nope, nor me.

I knew I should have said Black Redstart…

Yarmouth.  It’s sure purdy ain’ it?

Anyway, enough of all this nonsense, I’ve got a patch to watch.

And I’m off to go and see Sand Martins…


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