made up names

So there I was, perusing the notices on Birdguides to see what was about.  Got.  Got.  Need.  Got.  That kind of thing, when my eyes fell on two words which have left me in an occasional funk of ornithological despair.  Channel Wagtail.  Never ‘eard of it you say.  Nor me.  I’ve been reading field guides of various sizes and quality for over thirty years, and have yet to see reference to such a beast until yesterday.  For your elucidation, here is a screen dump from Birdguides (other news services are available)…

birdguides doing screen dump. is this theft?


Oh, I see now.  It is an intermediate form between two sub-species of a normal bird that has been given a name so it can gain validity and then get put on lists as another tick by desperate List addicts.  In other words it’s been made up.  Nonsense.  I’ll have no truck with that.  If I should see one of those, it will go down in the book as a funny looking Yellow Wagtail.  Channel Wagtail my arse.

I might go and see some Dotterel today.  I might not.

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