There has been inaction here.  There has been inaction on the birding front for me.  Due to ‘personal’ reasons I have not been birding, and thus you don’t get any posts.  That’s how it works.  Do not fret about the nature of these circumstance Dear reader, but needless to say, for prolonged periods over the last few days I literally found myself face down on a bare concrete floor, bleeding, waiting for the lactic build up in my muscles to pass, the straps that bound my legs gouging into my thighs while I struggled to move around.  The sun shining through the tiny locked window – mocking my tortured plight.  I haven’t been near a  computer, a set of optics or anything resembling a patch or a beach.   Don’t know what rarities I have smugly refused to go and see, haven’t visited any bird news services or reciprocally linked blogs or anything! I cannot type properly due to the bruises and blisters on my hands and the pain in my back.  You lot could have been sunning yourselves in Cley watching a flock of Slender Billed Curlew for all I know. 

But it’s all about to change.  Yes sirree.  This week will be different, and I might even go on a twitch.  Oh, yes.

And if you were wondering if there was any advance on the gull ID, well it is not conclusive at the moment but Mr Emerson has the last word for the moment in the form of this little snippet…

…a pair of gulls bred at Yarmouth last year that were ID’d as a Yellow-legged and a Herring x Lesser Black-backed…some small photos can be seen here:

This particular subject is not closed, and a fuller discussion may or may not rear its head in due course.

Picture?  I’ll need to find my camera first.

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