Those little things that adults look after and take to beaches, pets I think they are – not dogs but those noisy two-legged ones.  Scream a lot.  Run around a lot.  Scare birds.  They have all returned to their institutions this week, yes?  Leaving the world for the non-children loving adults.  Children – that’s what they are called – they are the ones!  Well I’ve stayed out of their way during their holiday so that some curmudgeonly old duffer doesn’t scowl at them and set the waterworks off again and now it’s my time hehehe…

To recap, the previous two weeks have been sunny and all that with low winds, high temperatures and generally undemanding weather for migrants, so they can all come and go as they please.  But now that it is my time, it’s the end of April the temperature has dropped the wind has turned and is now blowing directly, and with reasonable strength, directly onto the Norfolk coast.  How very convenient, it is almost as if it was part of my master plan for good spring birding! He he he!

So with all this going my way, it might well be time to venture out to those windswept cliffs and dunes and soak up all this migratory magnificence.  Year ticks too.

And I hear there are Spoonbills at Cley.  Sleeping of course, but worth a little effort, yes?And no children…


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