nestbox refurb


This post would have made much more sense if I had the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures rather than just the after.  Anyhow, I was given a nestbox that was in a state of disrepair, it could easily have been described as derelict.  I was given it, as with much that day, with instructions to chuck it if I didn’t want it.  I thought I might, but then thought different. I’m still wondering what to do with a demijohn full of Cherry Liquer – from  1986 ffs.  But the nestbox – because I realised that it could be given a new life I thought that I just might.  I have the technology  – and I can rebuild it!

nestbox doing done-up


It still needs a hook for the lid and might get some bitumen spray around the corners, but it’s ever so slightly better than it was before and now resides in the nestbox hospital.  Otherwise known as my garden.

No use to anything this year I would think, but overwinter or next summer it might be just fine.


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