no surprises

Patch list and year list updated.  As the title says, no surprises within.

Although the Chaffinch was nearly missed.  You know what it is like at the beginning of the birders year, well for those that like to keep a year list anyway.  All the common birds have to be firmly identified, and ticked with all the excitement of the years first Wheatear.  Blue Tits, Wrens, Blackbirds all put in the book with a satisfied tick.  Then as the year goes by, they are relegated to the ‘oh, it’s only an X’ box and largely overlooked.  This kind of attitude nearly cost me a patch tick last week.  I arrived in the patch and the House Sparrows where chipping about the bush that they regularly haunt and just above them a male Chaffinch was frantically pinking away.  Oh, it’s a Chaffinch thought I.  I haven’t seen one of those since I ws in the garden this morning .  And I continued to scan the area for Siberian Rubythroats.  The Chaffinch persisted.  ‘That is a very persistent Chaffinch’ I thought, while the bird continued to pink.  And then the penny dropped.  A quick mental recap on what I have seen in the patch, and blow me down if it wasn’t a patch tick.  Easily overlooked, but pretty uncommon for the patch.  Thery’are, as they say round here.

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