Chaffinch necro-violence horror

This morning, I had cause to pull over during the commute as the bluetooth thingy wasn’t working. Once stationary, I noticed the corpse of a male chaffinch on the floor in front of me. So far, so not unusual. Then a female chaffinch flew over to the corpse and started pecking it – with a fair amount of aggression too. A male chaffinch (living) then flew in, and attacked the corpse with a greater degree of aggression than the female. This was repeated a couple of times before they both flew off, and with a fixed blootooth thingy I moved on, Chaffinch down hanging in the turbulence caused by the vehicles on the A1064, waiting for a metaphor to fly in.

For all I know they are still at it. It is common knowledge that this kind of behaviour can be expected from Robins, but I hadn’t seen it in Chaffinches – I’m assuming that the dead bird had been hit by a car and landed in another territory. And the residents didn’t like it much.

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