conrcrake and the croft

Twas flicking through the iplayer last night and came across a programme called The Corncrake And The Croft which had originally been shown on BBC Alba.  Excellent I thought, I’ll watch that – and now.  Although the beginning of the programme was in Gaelic with English subtitles, the majority of the programme was in English.  It was a revisit to an episode of The World About Us from 1977 (!) which, you’ve guessed it, was about crofting and occasionally Corncrakes in Uist.  There is plenty of photography of other birds and it is well worth a look.  It is from a time when a Corn Bunting singing on fence isn’t worth mentioning, when nobody spoke about conservation and when tractors didn’t have a cab.  The story line is a little unreal though.  This being the west of Scotland, it didn’t seem to rain in the summer which I found strange, only when the foaming seas of Autumn arrived did the weather change.   Anyway, if you have an  hour to kill while the rain stops birding this weekend, I recommend it.

Here is a link to the online version.

While I’m talking about foaming sea in Uist, here is a picture of just that, apart from the fact that it was not taken in Uist.

sea doing foam


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