it’th a myth-tery!

Got out in the patch at lunchtime.  Swifts flying low over the dunes, juvenile Starlings running around at the edge of the marram grass.  Linnet knocking about with some House Sparrows, a Ringed Plover flew past.  Reasonably normal, reasonably pleasant. Got to the sea, and started wandering up the beach.  It’s always worth looking at what is by your feet in this situation, and today I saw some funny little translucent balls by the high tide line.  Oh, I haven’t seen them before.  Ha! Look how gooey they are when they meet the sole of my shoe.  ‘How quaint they are’  I thought.  I paraphrase, obviously.  Then there were some more of them, and some more, and then more.  In all they were irregularly scattered along the hide tide mark for a few hundred metres.  Bloody hundreds of them.  This here photograph gives you an impression of the scene.

something doing not much

 I thought  I’d better take a bit more notice now. 

They are generally about 3/4 inch long, mostly translucent, gooseberry shaped but not quite as firm.  It looked like there was some kind of smudge in the centre and beyond that they looked fairly featureless.  Once the photos had been developed in the dark room, a little more detail could be ascertained.  behold…


something doing closer than before
I’ll stick my neck out and say that they are some kind of egg.  A cephalopod or something.  I don’t know.  Do you?
Answers on a postcard…



3 thoughts on “it’th a myth-tery!

  1. Another vote for Sea Gooseberry. I remember being on Walcott beach in the early nineties as a kid and collecting a bucketload of them, only to find out that for some reason my parents didn’t want me to take them home…

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