boring fly id post

Do you sometime read posts on blogs and fora where people ask for ID assistance and get annoyed?  You know the kind of thing – I took this photo of a bird and I don’t know whether it is a Blackcap or a Sacred Ibis, can you help?  – it annoys me anyway.  There are those that seem incapable of bothering to identify anything themselves and have 10,000 posts of laziness on line when if they looked in a book or interweb equivalent, they might learn something and stop pestering everyone with trivial ID requests.  Anyway, be rest assured Dear Reader that the ID problem that I present does not fall into this category, absolutely not!  My research has been thorough, concentrated and protracted.  It has caused me to break the spine of my bug book as I have been thumbing so very vigorously, but obviously to no avail.  I am slowly coming to the conclusion that my bug book is rubbish, or I haven’t got a clue.  So here goes, it’s a fly, it flies around a sandy beach with loads of its mates and I don’t know what it is.  Sorry to bother you and all that, what?

a fly doing still, for a moment


2 thoughts on “boring fly id post

  1. I have the same sort of ID problems occasionally and it’s nice to get the help required but I know what you mean about some folk. Your fly looks like a Robber Fly species – maybe Dasypogon diadema. I could be wrong though!

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