mild chafing

My other option for this blogpost title would have been “ay-up cock” or any equivalent.  But as you can see I have chosen the above.  If for no other reason than to paraphrase the following intercourse.

“Oh, Vic – I’ve fallen”

“Oh, no – are you alright?”

“I think so, just some mild chafing”

Your internal monologue may be working around a phrase resembling “what on God’s earth is the man going on about now?”

Fair enough I say – best you have a look at this picture of a bug what I saw in the patch yesterday.

a cock doing chafing

It is, according to my best estimate a Cockchafer Melolontha melolontha.  And according to my (unreliable) bug book it should have stopped flying around a couple of weeks ago.

Nevertheless, fly it does.  A bit.

Another tick on the pathetically small panpatchtickon.

8 thoughts on “mild chafing

  1. How big was it? From that picture it looks too small for Cockchafer (big ol’ things – about an inch), and the antennae don’t look feathery enough. I reckon it could be Common Chafer, which I saw a few at Winterton at the weekend so are definitely still about.

    • Context innit? Cockchafer flies around the kitchen at night, looks like the size of a Heron. Chafer spp sitting around on a beach, looks smaller or perhaps the right size. Either way, the chafer you describe isn’t in my bloody book!

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