extreme chafing!

Cock, Common, Garden or Welsh?  That is the question.  Something to do with feet.  Something to do with habitat.  I really don’t know, and until a few days ago it would just have been a beetle.  To assist with the definitive identification here are extreme close-up versions of every image I have of the beast, with varying degrees of quality.

So if you know anything about beetles and have nothing to do on this rainy day – chuck your expertise at this lot!

1 thought on “extreme chafing!

  1. Photos 3 and 4 show a divided hind claw, which presumably favours Garden (this seems to be the accepted name for P. horticola rather than Common Chafer, so that gets rid of of one name!). However I readily admit I have no specialist knowledge of beetles, so I am going to bow out of the debate! There doesn’t appear to be any records of Welsh Chafer on the NBN website for Norfolk, so either way it would probably be worth emailing the Norfolk beetle recorder, Martin Collier (collierm.beetles@virgin.net).

    If you haven’t joined already I would recommend joining the Norfolk WIldlife yahoo group. It is very active and has a number of local experts on different areas of wildlife , useful for ID matters and finding out whats about.

    All the best,

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