worth a second look

There I was, just scanning the sea (as you do) and not seeing much (as is normal) when I spotted two dark shapes on the sea. With the aid of optical devices I noted that one was a female Common Scoter, asleep on the sea. I noticed that the second was very similar. ‘Nice’ I thought. But I took a better look at the second beast when it moved into a better postion, and there was a Gadwall sitting on the sea. ‘Bloody Hell’ I thought, that’s a patch tick!

There is a lesson in there somewhere, which if I spelled out for you would be quite patronising. So work it out for yourself…

1 thought on “worth a second look

  1. I think the lesson is ” when you decide to look at a bird, and there’s another one as well, look at the other one first.”
    That must be it.
    OR… maybe the lesson is ” if a bird has ” Common” in its name, look at a different bird first.”
    Are there any prizes?
    Best wishes, by the way, from ray .

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