I recently finished a book called ‘Feathers’ by an Amurkn. I highly recommend it. I now know what snarge is. If you don’t know what it is, you can find out by reading the book. You will find out other things too. You will also find out that rather than being rather shabby looking and seemingly not suited to the environment that they live in (what with all that wing drying and everything), Cormorants are actually very advanced feather wise, and clever about it too. If feathers can be clever if you see what I mean. Either way, there is my half-arsed review of the book in very few words (did I mention that it has a nice cover?).

This fresh perspective on the relative merits of the Cormorant still doesn’t stop the internal monologue prefixing their identification with an ‘oh it’s a’. They keep flying around doing impressions of birds that I generally don’t see before morphing back into a Cormorant. And they do that an awful lot. Still, serves me right for seawatching on the east coast in a westerly breeze. I did have a Peregrine performing some low level thuggery though, which was by far the most interesting thing I saw today.


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