a short comment on another book

I recently finished Birdwatchingwatching by Alex Horne.  At one point it did make me laugh audibly*.  However, I think he told a lie.  He claimed to have seen Birding World in WH Smith.  And I thought it was prescription only.**



* a poncy way of avoiding an annoying acronym

** not what it is called but it tickles me…


One thought on “a short comment on another book

  1. I went and saw Alex Horne at Norwich Arts Centre when he was promoting that book. I was a bit disappointed, as it seemed to fall in the void between being particularly funny, or having lots about birds. I did like his animation of him and his dad going to see a LEO, where he used a rotating swastika for the legs, which I accept probably doesn’t make much sense if you weren’t there.

    Have a good Christmas


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