check yer nuts!

There were mumblings in the press a little while ago about people not spending so much on bird food due to the recession etc etc. This is, of course disappointing.

You, however, wouldn’t countenance such neglect would you? You will of course still try to ensure that the birds are still nicely fed and watered over the winter and you will try to thwart the local squirrels from getting just one solitary little morsel, even if it means stalking them by the back door and running around the garden whooping and hollering and swearing and clapping and phhhhttttiiing and shaaatin’ and dancing if they even just LOOK at a fat ball. You don’t do that? Oh….

Anyway – as the bird food coin becomes a little tighter you can be a bit more savvy with your purchases and ensure that the conservation bodies get a few pence out of your purchase, and it’s not very difficult either. If you check the packaging of your purchase you can look for the logo of a friendly organisation such as the BTO, RSPB or even the National Trust – the logo being indicative of the little touch the particular body will get from your nut/fat/mealworm purchase. For example, most of the stuff in Morrisons has a BTO logo on it, the suet brick thing is very popular in le Jardin de Thing. Loads of Poundland stuff has the National Trust logo (I know how to live, me!). I was in Tesco the other day and noticed that none of their wild bird food had a suitable logo on it. Harumph I say. It did have a logo of sorts on it, but it was one of those self-certifying logos. The old ‘this genuine certificate is a certificate to certify that the certificate that is on here is certified genuine by the issuer of the genuine certificate that happens to be us anyway but it looks like it’s really dead important’ (it’s like that ‘voted product of the year 2010’ logo that you see – each company buys the rights to use it – it is utter marketing drivel).

I’ve drifted a bit I think. Basically, check yer nuts for the right logos. Buy the ones with the logos that you know, and ignore the rest.

Unless you’ve completely run out of nuts. Then just do what you like. Not much of an argument, but I think I raised a valid point eventually.

2 thoughts on “check yer nuts!

  1. Yet again I have foiled attempts at great trickery and devilment, but only just. It is, I fear a repetitive laborious task, keeping the mind alert and wit oiled. Shamed to admit, it would seem we are somewhat matched in temperament; him and I. The unnamed one, flatteringly termed Nemesis.

    Where I have stubborness so does he. Where I am have daring so does he. Where I have tenacity so does he. Thus this quarrel has descended into a battle of wits. Where upon we eye each other from distance. Beady eyes homed in on targets. Such is the concentration endured that muscular paraoxysm radiates. There is only one solution.
    With eyes twitching and mouth foaming I contemplate my weapon of choice. Damn sure almost driven to madness. The light is failing, alas I wait and salute to morrow. Where upon the dance will continue ad infinitum.


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