wishes and counts

If I know you, right, and it’s like your birthday today then happy birthday and many happy returns.  If I do or don’t know you, and/or it is or isn’t your birthday you may not care for these felicitations.  You may wish to know the counts from the garden of chez Thing on Sunday recorded for the purposes of science.  Or you may not.

9 Goldfinch

8 Siskin (a garden high count no less)

1 Collared Dove

4 Blackbirds (2 male, 2 female)

1 Robin

1 Dunnock

1 Wren

5 Blue Tit

1 Great Tit

2 House Sparrow

Science.  Done.

Very soon, I will actually mention the patch.  Perhaps tomorrow.  I’ve got patch ticks and everything!