ryan giggs

It’s amazing what people get up to on the interweb, and what they will talk about or look for isn’t it?  Indeed, recently someone landed on this blog after putting ‘hardcore dolphin porn’ into their search engine.  Not ordinary dolphin porn, no.  Hardcore dolphin porn.  I haven’t taken too much time to try and work out what it entails exactly.  Take a look around, this is a dolphin porn free site.  Dolphin friendly perhaps. 

Super.  In this juncture, I offer a  recent picture from the patch which contains no dolphins or porn at all.

patch doing clouds and stuff



There has been inaction here.  There has been inaction on the birding front for me.  Due to ‘personal’ reasons I have not been birding, and thus you don’t get any posts.  That’s how it works.  Do not fret about the nature of these circumstance Dear reader, but needless to say, for prolonged periods over the last few days I literally found myself face down on a bare concrete floor, bleeding, waiting for the lactic build up in my muscles to pass, the straps that bound my legs gouging into my thighs while I struggled to move around.  The sun shining through the tiny locked window – mocking my tortured plight.  I haven’t been near a  computer, a set of optics or anything resembling a patch or a beach.   Don’t know what rarities I have smugly refused to go and see, haven’t visited any bird news services or reciprocally linked blogs or anything! I cannot type properly due to the bruises and blisters on my hands and the pain in my back.  You lot could have been sunning yourselves in Cley watching a flock of Slender Billed Curlew for all I know. 

But it’s all about to change.  Yes sirree.  This week will be different, and I might even go on a twitch.  Oh, yes.

And if you were wondering if there was any advance on the gull ID, well it is not conclusive at the moment but Mr Emerson has the last word for the moment in the form of this little snippet…

…a pair of gulls bred at Yarmouth last year that were ID’d as a Yellow-legged and a Herring x Lesser Black-backed…some small photos can be seen here: http://yarevalleywildlife.synthasite.com/bird-photos-2010.php

This particular subject is not closed, and a fuller discussion may or may not rear its head in due course.

Picture?  I’ll need to find my camera first.

more randoms

Halo was incorrect, as it was probably a circumzenithal arc.  Which I reckon is pretty cool.

And that Eagle, right, must have flown through my patch.  AND I chose not to journey to work via Filby on the day that a WTE wakes up and has a look around in that area at the time that I would have been going through.  Something about a chap called sod, a law, and a very rude word comes to mind.

I didn’t get a Sand Martin on the half-heartedly predicted day, but I did get a Swallow which was simply beautiful.  And then another on Monday.  Not a magic blog perhaps, but just a magic patch perhaps.  Which is fine by me.  We’ll see.

On Saturday and Sunday the pond in the garden had been taken over by rutting water snails (spp).  As each one moved about on top of the weed, it let out a little pop.  Pond pop corn.  Great fun.

I did see Sand Martins at the weekend however, at Runton.  I could do nothing but stare and smile while they farted.

I’m not telling anyone how great Runton is.

A mammoth fell out of the cliffs once.  It was quite dead, but quite large.

Stuff still falls out of the cliffs and the cliffs still fall.  I’ll put a picture up of the beach.  It isn’t as good as it looks, no siree.  And you should make no effort to go there, as you will not like it.

Haven’t seen any patch Wheaters since first contact although I am receiving reports that they continue to move through.  That also, is fine by me.

You have had over a hundred posts of this nonsense now.

runton doing just fine thank you very much

magic realist birding

On Sunday, the post what I put on here ended with an optimistic flourish along the lines that I was going to hear a Chiffchaff in the garden, and almost immediately.  Within minutes this did in fact, occur.  Brilliant – first migrant of the year  (and six days later than last year fact fans!).  So, dear reader, I am going to try the same trick again at the end of the post to see if it works again.  Not for a Chiffchaff, not in the garden.  For a patch bird, in the patch.

But what if it works again?  What if it turns out that flippant predictions at the end of a random post on my blog effects the space-time continuum and the ornithological predictions come true?  What would I do then?  Keep making predictions?  Haul in some right old rare birds to the patch on a daily basis?  Experiment with effects beyond the scope of the blog?  It could be the plot of some fanciful magic-realist bestselling novel.  Hell – I could syndicate the rights to HBO and have it made into a rubbish series stateside where a man with incredible  hair writes a blog that affects the real world and then has naff adventures that only last an hour (with adverts) with just enough time for a little sanctimonious preaching about how we all need to help each other more before the titles roll up at Mach 2.  Wow, it would be like getting tomorrow’s paper today!  How amazing would that be?

That’s been done hasn’t it.  Damnit.  I thought I was onto something there. 

Truth is that there hasn’t been much magic round here of late.  Nor was all that very realistic.  But I don’t know if I don’t try! So here goes….

I’m off into the patch to find a Wheatear.

random observations

There were half a dozen Waxwings on Riverside Road yesterday.  Might have been the only person to have noticed.  I was in a queue of traffic, looking for Peregrines.

The patch was consistently constant, and devoid of migrants last week.  An Eider, a Common Scoter.  Gulls.  Not much else.

Actually, if you ask me – everywhere is devoid of migrants up to now.

I though I saw a Treecreeper from the Garden this morning.  Not like that funny one in Suffolk.  It has shorter toes than normal evidently.  Honestly, I think birders make these things up.

Referring to a Ring Ouzel as a ‘Rouzel’ is annoying.

Quelea.  I always had it in my head that it was kway-lee-ah, but Attenborough pronounced it kwee-lee-ah on the tellybox last night.  If he says it is kwee-lee-ah then that’s what it is.

Have an iffy picture of some birds in mostly winter plumage.

plovers doing by the sea


I’m off into the garden to listen for Chiffchaff.

ditto, sort of

The intention tonight was to refill the i-pod with the specific intention of removing an unnecessary amount of Jerry Lee Lewis and an extended 12″ megamix of a Spandau Ballet number that could only have been stuck on my i-tunes by Satan himself, and then create an amazing bird related post on here (as per yesterday).  But the same personal circumstances have thwarted me again.

However, suffice to say this.  3 Grey Plover over at lunchtime.  Year tick. Page updated.  Yay.

Winter birds still rule in Yarmouth.

disaster porn

George Aligiyah is presenting the BBC 10 o’clock news from Sendai in front of a truck sitting on a car on a car.  This is disaster anchorman one upmanship over Jon Snow at 7 o’clock on Channel 4 who only had two cars, in the dark – but in the middle of the night!  Do we really need the news anchors to present from the site as well as the reporters all over the country looking for ways to heap tragedy upon tragedy for our vicarious needs?  And this is then replicated across all of the channels and no doubt all the major world news feeds.  Is it entirely necessary?  Obviously we are all interested and concerned, but how many people really need to go there to tell us about it?

mystery tracks, perhaps

To my mind this is one of three things.

a) the tracks of a Seal that has hauled out on the shore

b) the tracks of a dog with an itchy arse dragging its rear end up a beach

c) Something much more sensible

Any ideas?

tracks doing mystery

binge drinking starlings

Starlings.  I’ve read about they have been proven to be pessimistic, but now they are binge drinkers and not very good ones.


house for sale

There I was, casually flicking through my copy of the NWT’s Tern publication when I saw this for sale.


Nice eh?  It’s Peter Scott’s old house.  For real.  It comes with it’s own nature reserve and lighthouse and a price tag of £428,000.

No, hang on it’s gone up since the summer and is now £435,000.

Savills are selling it – you can see by clicking http://www.savills.co.uk/residentialsearch/propertydetail.aspx?pID=287483.  I suspect that once the traffic from this here blog crashes their server, they will have no choice but to raise the price.  If I had half a million knocking about my pockets, I’d be tempted!