near miss

It seemed that Friday was a good day for a seawatch.   I mean, a Fea’s Petrel flew past the evening before.  How good does it need to get? What with the patch being by the sea, it seemed a good idea to then proceed to sea and watch it.  Getting ready for ‘the big one’.  The patch tick of patch ticks.  A rare seabird.  Lets go!

The first Brents of the winter, some Wigeon, some Scoters.  No shearwaters, certainly not any Cory’s.  Or Gannets.  Some gulls.  No skuas. Some terns.  Hmmm.  But then!   Hang on one a second there is a small dark bird with a white rump flying almost on the waves!!! Bloody hell!  It couldn’t be could it?  Where has it gone?  Find it find it!  Oh, what is that what has gone and landed on that there rock.  Oh, it is a Wheatear. 

Swallow anyone?

a swallow doing not long now


rauk and roll!

Geddit?  I saw an Auk – a patch tick!  Rock Rauk and roll!



Oh well, found my first patch Auk in the shape of a Guillemot splashing about in a fairly flat sea this morning.  I am pleased.

A rubbish picture may follow.

another lunchtime sea watch

Brilliant it was to. 

Herring Gull, LBB, Common, Black Headed.  7 Long-tailed duck and a seal.

That’s the complete list.

Brilliant it was too.