how wordpress sells your soul

Do you use wordpress to blog?  Thought it a little less contentious than the ever-expanding  über information-hoarder that is google/blogger?  WordPress would have you think that is way cooler and on it’s front page it says “We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time“.  Free, maybe.  Priceless, I think not.

If you use wordpress you are inevitably, due to cookies, logged in if you view your blog or another blog on wordpress.    And if you are logged in to wordpress, there is a little detail that is kept from your delicate little eyes.  Adverts.

They are not so crass as to load the ads up on your home page, that would be a bit to obvious and you might spot it.  And you might object.  But if a non wordpress person views a  page individually (which is the normal route through words entered into a search engine), your new reader gets the ads at the bottom of the post.  I just spent 5 minutes with an old post and the F5 button and the following companies are advertising on my blog.

David Lloyd Leisure
Kuoni (who-oni?)
Specsavers (FFS!)
Churchill Insurance
Alpari (eh?)
Groupon (again)
Groupon (what the fuck is groupon anyway?) (they didn’t think that through did they?)
Tesco (natch)
Royal Caribbean International
Sky news.  No, really.
I suspect I could wear out the F5 button before the variety of ads stop. 
There am I, and quite possibly you too, having your service provider using your innocent little witterings to sell advertising space to  Rupert Murdoch  Satan.
You happy with that?  Because I’m not.
Don’t have a picture, but for once do have a splendid piece of musical architecture by The Aphex Twin which seems entirely apposite.  Do  yourself a favour, and turn the volume on and up.
Laters, yeah?

the big rubbish

I had half an eye on Vic and Bob the other night, and they asked a question to a panelist You don’t have to read any books because the good ones are always made into films – True or False? (trueorfalsetrueorfalse???) The answer is, of course, true.

Of course again, this is not a law, merely entertaining badinage.  But what if there was a book that you liked on a subject matter that you enjoyed (and perhaps imposed on a wider public)?  Imagine then that a Hollywood director decided that it was a good subject for a film.  That would interest you, no?  Well this has actully happened with a book about year listing and the trailer is out.  For those that haven’t seen it, here is the trailer for The Big Year starring a bloke with a broken nose that annoys me intensely (the man, not the nose), a bloke who only seems to be funny with a guitar round his neck, and a bloke who was evidently very funny once upon a time, but I’ll be buggered if I ever saw it….

If you have read the book in question,  you will quickly realise that the plot line in the trailer seems to have little to do with the book itself.  I seem to remember that the three gentlemen in question spent very little time together at all, indeed for most of the year they were unaware that there was any ‘competition’ at all.  But in the trailer it seems that they all go off together on this seemingly nameless quest.  Just seeing the one with the nose got my hackles up, which was a bad start.  The way I understand it, the trailer is supposed to entice me to go and see the film and all it has done has enticed me to singe my pubic hairs with a hot iron as a way of avoiding watching said moving picture.  It will be rubbish.  If you think that this will be a true representation of the book, you will be disappointed.  Twitchers are not that funny, and Hollywood cannot make money out of the true mundanity (is that a word?) and real weirdness that is out there amongst ‘rare bird enthusiasts’.  You have been warned.


[And for the very anal, I am reliably informed that a Swainsons Hawk would not be seen at that altitude in normal circumstances (at 1 minute 11 seconds), and may be a fake.]