how wordpress sells your soul

Do you use wordpress to blog?  Thought it a little less contentious than the ever-expanding  über information-hoarder that is google/blogger?  WordPress would have you think that is way cooler and on it’s front page it says “We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time“.  Free, maybe.  Priceless, I think not.

If you use wordpress you are inevitably, due to cookies, logged in if you view your blog or another blog on wordpress.    And if you are logged in to wordpress, there is a little detail that is kept from your delicate little eyes.  Adverts.

They are not so crass as to load the ads up on your home page, that would be a bit to obvious and you might spot it.  And you might object.  But if a non wordpress person views a  page individually (which is the normal route through words entered into a search engine), your new reader gets the ads at the bottom of the post.  I just spent 5 minutes with an old post and the F5 button and the following companies are advertising on my blog.

David Lloyd Leisure
Kuoni (who-oni?)
Specsavers (FFS!)
Churchill Insurance
Alpari (eh?)
Groupon (again)
Groupon (what the fuck is groupon anyway?) (they didn’t think that through did they?)
Tesco (natch)
Royal Caribbean International
Sky news.  No, really.
I suspect I could wear out the F5 button before the variety of ads stop. 
There am I, and quite possibly you too, having your service provider using your innocent little witterings to sell advertising space to  Rupert Murdoch  Satan.
You happy with that?  Because I’m not.
Don’t have a picture, but for once do have a splendid piece of musical architecture by The Aphex Twin which seems entirely apposite.  Do  yourself a favour, and turn the volume on and up.
Laters, yeah?


great yarmouth doing alright


Unadulterated and as seen from chez Thing last night.

sky doing colours


Well it wouldn’t have been in the morning would it?

answers to some questions…

Questions have been asked on this here blog and mainly by yours truly, but I am aware Dear reader, that definitive answers have not been forthcoming.  So for the sake of completion and to ensure that regular reader of this blog is not driven to the very edge of insanity with the lack of closure, here is closure.

The spider – it’s a lace weaver actually, and for those of a scientific bent it is from the Amaurobius family.  It isn’t at all rare, even on a beach.  Which is fairly typical.

The tracks on the beach were of a Seal. Pretty obvious really I suppose.  But then again, if I was trying to cover up the fact that I had dragged from the waters edge the recently deceased body of a dogwalker that lets his dog shite all over the dunes  then I would, obviously, present it to the world as a seal track as an ingenious double bluff.  Wouldn’t I? [insert evil-genious-mastermind-laugh here]

No, the Rock Pipit photos are hardly worth the bother but it was, nicely, a Norfolk tick which brings that particular list to 198. This fact is not reflected in the list accessed via the tab at the top of the page as it is not as up to date as it should be.  It will be eventually be made accurate though, especially when the list gets one or two closer to the double ton…

The patch year list is now at a stunning 28.

Finally, whilst the massed hordes of the twitcherers have been going bonkers for their last day of being able to see a funny looking dove in Chipping Norton, I have gained much satisfaction from seeing small birds in trees nearby my house that I hadn’t seen this year already.  Treecreeper, Brambling, Redpolls of the lesser variety.  That kind of thing.

Enough words, yes?

Picture, anyone?

West Runton doing sundown